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Our World
Kenya: Peace At Any Price
Six months after a peace deal brought an end to Kenya's post election violence, Our World examines what is being done to repair the damage.
A grand coaliton government has worked to restore Kenya to normality, but tens of thousands of people are still displaced and issues of land and ethnicity, which underpinned the violence, have still to be resolved. The question everyone is asking is could this happen again? Without political leadership and reconciliation at the grass roots, the answer could well be "yes".

Our World talks to the family of a Kikuyu boy, badly burnt in a church fire at the peak of the fighting. They no longer have a home to return to - targeted for being members of President Kibaki's tribe. And we hear from a fisherman from the Prime Minister's Luo community, who saw his entire family wiped out. Two sides of the political fence, two "rival " communities suffering a similar fate.

Kenyans are desparate for the violence not to be repeated but does that mean sweeping the difficult questions to one side? Peace at any price could be a dangerous path to go down, leading to a legacy of violence which future generations will have to bear.

Showing on BBC World News on Thursday 1st January at 1930 GMT. Repeating on Friday 2nd at 0030 GMT, 0830 GMT & 1630 GMT


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