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Investing In Africa: What's Working?
Investing In Africa: What's Working?
Examining the effects of trade, investment and aid the BBC World Debate asks - Investing in Africa: what's working?

Billions of dollars make their way to Africa every year. Emerging economies and donors such as India, China and South Korea are spending vast sums in Africa annually.

Established donor countries and agencies also continue to pour huge amounts of money into the continent.

But how successful are African governments, these new foreign investors, donors and the traditional aid industry at improving the economies of these countries and the lives of hundreds of millions of Africans across the continent?


Kumi Naidoo: Honorary President, CIVICUS

Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala: Managing Director, The World Bank

Investing In Africa: What's Working?

Angel Gurria: Secretary-General, OECD

Anthony Akoto-Osei: Finance & Economic Planning Minister, Ghana

Stefano Manservisi: Director General, EU Development

Oh Joon: Deputy Foreign Minister, South Korea

Showing on BBC World News on Saturday 11th October at 0710 GMT. Repeating at 1510, 1910 and on Sunday at 0010 GMT.

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